WP Waterproofers is a company built on three generations of building experience. Jery’s grandfather and father were expert builders and waterproofers, and for over 25 years Jery has built a respected business specialising in waterproofing solutions for homes and businesses throughout Sydney.

Many waterproofing firms will apply a temporary fix to the symptoms of a waterproofing problem.

Unfortunately, in waterproofing, there’s ‘nowhere to hide!’ A poor job will be damp again within 3-6 months, meaning you’ll need to do it all over again. We won’t waste your time and money doing a quick and dirty job. We always treat the cause, so the job only needs to be done once.

Because we have all the best skills and the best products, from bituminous coatings to epoxy injections and shower, basement and verandah membrane systems, We offer you Guaranteed products and our work. We do it right, first time.