Old floors and cement sheeting may require a vapour barrier preparation

Prior to waterproofing the bathroom, some floors may require a vapour barrier to be installed. The vapour barrier to stop moisture
from below lifting the waterproofing membrane.

Two part water based epoxy products are ideal for this purpose.

Materials for the job

  • Poly urethane for corking
  • Poly cloth reinforcing fabric
  • Fibreflex waterproofing membrane

Cut in joints

  • Cork joints with poly urethane
  • apply reinforcing fabric


1. Apply Fibreflex to surface and lay Polycloth into the corners, smoothed into the wet surface.

2. Apply a coat of Fibreflex over the surface of the Polycloth ensuring the coaring penetrates the fibres of the Polycloth.

3. Repeat the process for the vertical corners.

4. Apply a second coat of Fibreflex to the entire area.


Membrane covering walls and floor

Coat the entire shower area. Two coats over walls and floor.

Reference diagrams from the standard

AS3740 – waterproofing of wet area within residential buildings.