Flexipro – Below Ground membrane system for waterproof tanking

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FLEXIPRO is a heavy black membrane that cures to a flexible and water insoluble coating. FLEXIPRO contains reinforcing fibres for sealing cracks and is suitable for below ground applications.


Ensure all surfaces are free of dirt, grease, dust, loose paint and rust. Prepare old timber surfaces by sanding to a smooth surface.

Prime masonry, F C sheeting, concrete block work and fine cracking areas using Microl Acrylic Primer or 1 part FLEXIPRO to 2 parts water and allow to dry. Alternatively prime porous surfaces using FLEXIPRO diluted; 1 part to 2 parts water, allow 1 hour to dry.


FLEXIPRO may be applied by brush, roller or soft broom.

After priming FLEXIPRO should be applied in two coats each of 0.5lt per m² allow 24 hours drying between coats. Any one wet coat thickness of the film must not exceed 1mm. As a guide use 0.5lt per m² gives an average wet film build of 0.5mm. To avoid defects in the film, the second coat should be brushed on at a 90° angle to the first coat.

Timber surfaces e.g. fence timbers, tank stands and sawn timbers, do not need priming but may be protected by the application of at least 2 coats of FLEXIPRO at a maximum of 1mm thickness per wet coat.

For masonry surfaces containing gaps and cracks prime with Microl Acrylic Primer or FLEXIPRO diluted equal parts with water. While this coat is still tacky fill gaps and cracks with FLEXIPRO mixed with sand and cement. Allow to dry thoroughly before over coating (approx 48 hours).

For showerrecesses prime the surface using the diluted solution or Microl Acrylic Primer. Apply a Polyurethane sealant to internal corners. Detail corners by embedding reinforcing fabric in the wet FLEXIPRO and overcoat with more product totally filling the reinforcing fabric.

Apply a second coat ensuring that the reinforcing fabric is thoroughly covered. Allow to dry approximately 24 hrs then apply a third and final coat at a 90° angle to  the second coat. Ensure no pinholes appear on the surface of the membrane. Allow to dry for 3days minimum at 20°C before tiling.


FLEXIPRO is not suitable for waterproofing where reverse hydrostatic pressure exists. If using FLEXIPRO to waterproof a retaining wall or the like, ensure the membrane is covered with PROTECTION BOARD prior to backfilling to prevent piercing of the membrane. FLEXIPRO cures by loss of moisture so these products can only be used where conditions allow adequate drying.

FLEXIPRO is not classified as dangerous goods. Normal good work practices should apply during use, e.g. the wearing of gloves and safety glasses. For full safety data on this product please contact Concrete Protection Pty Ltd.

Allow FLEXIPRO to cure for at least 10 days prior to filling water tanks. Also ensure an initial wash down with water after 10 days prior to filling the tank.


Clean with water while wet & use paint stripper when cured.


Apply at least 2 coats ensuring a minimum coverage of 1 litre per square metre.


Flexipro is available in 15 litre and 5 litre pails.


12 months in dry cool conditions in sealed container


Colour: Black ; Tensile Strength: U/T Elongations at break = 250 % ; Drying time @ 25°C = 2-4 Days ; Curing Time @ 25°C = 4 Days ;Application Temp: 10°C – 30°C ; Chemical Resistance: Good; Alkalis, Salt Solutions,
Bleach, Detergents.