Waterproofing a Basement by Finding the Right Company

When you discover water in your basement you’ll soon realize how important it is to use proper waterproofing basement materials. But in order to get the right materials you have to find the right company.

If you search the Internet for waterproofing basements you’ll find many companies in Sydney which claim to be the best but don’t mention the materials they use or the methods they employ to keep water out of your basement.

Every waterproofing company is different but there are some simple things which you can do to ensure that you’re hiring to correct waterproofing basement company.

Begin by getting an estimate and be sure to avoid companies who will quote you a price over the phone. Every basement is different and has its own unique characteristics and problems and cannot be diagnosed over the phone.

A competent waterproofing basement company will send an experienced waterproofer to inspect your basement to determine the exact nature of the problem and offer solutions to permanently repair the leak.

Waterproofing your basement with a licensed contractor

Don’t be afraid to ask a company for a copy of its contractor’s license. You should also ask for insurance and bonding information and create a file folder to keep these documents in a safe place.

It’s important to ask for these documents because there are going to be several people in your home waterproofing your basement by working on the foundation of the property.

You want to be assured that they are qualified to perform these services, and that you have protection against loss or damage because one small crack on the foundation of your home can lead to major problems.

Ask for references to five previous customers that have used the company’s services and call those people. Every waterproofing basement company will tell you how great they are since it is their business, but it is better for you to hear it directly from customers who have used the company’s services.

Keep in mind that companies which have been in business for many years will probably have a few bad reviews, especially if they serve thousands of customers each year.

What you want to look for is that most of the reviews are positive regarding the areas of customer service, reliability, honesty and timeliness in completing the job.

Look at the company’s website to read customer reviews on waterproofing basements

The company’s website should include customer reviews, but just be sure that they’re not all glowing reviews of the company. If the business website has a blog read a few of the comments which were published by customers to get feel for the company.

An honest waterproofing company will list negative reviews and comments alongside positive statements for the reason that a negative review can be educational in helping people determine which problems can be avoided.

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